Civil Servant’s Certificate

Civil Servant’s Certificate has been developed using modern technologies and state-of-the-art security elements. Data, face image and signature are laser-engraved into the polycarbonate layer of the card. Card contains contact and contactless chips. Contact chip contains private and public key pair, as well as e-signature certificate for public key and a certificate for online identification. Civil Servant’s Certificate is a document for identification and certifies that its holder is a civil servant. Certificate holder is able to sign e-documents with a secure e-signature, and allows public registers to identify its holder online.


Civil Servant’s Certificate Civil Servant’s Certificate



Rainbow printing
Both sides of the card are covered with two different security grids, printed in rainbow.

Special line arrangement
Both sides of the card are covered with lines of different directions and thickness. Guilloche stripes are formed of double lines of different thickness.

Face image
Digital face image is laser-engraved.

Micro lettering
Repeating micro lettering “LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA” forms individual lines.

Ultraviolet inks
A graphical element printed in invisible inks.

Right side of the card contains a metalized diffractive hologram.

An electronic chip is embedded into the card body.

Optically variable inks
Graphical element printed in optically variable inks that change colours.

Last updated: 22-09-2020