Technological features of the Lithuanian Passport 2019


The design, format and languages used follow the provisions laid down in the Resolution of the representatives of the Governments of the Member States, meeting within the Council concerning the introduction of a passport of uniform pattern (resolutions of 23 June 1981, 23 June 1982, 14 July 1986, 10 July 1995, 8 June 2004).

The main distinctive feature of the new passport – the burgundy red colour of its cover (all former generations had the green cover). Visa pages of the passport depict national and ethnic heritage of Lithuania.

he passport contains 32 numbered pages plus a polycarbonate datapage with laser engraved personal data, face image and signature.

The Lithuanian passport incorporate a number of modern security features against counterfeit, forgery, and measures to speed up the process of verification.


The cover of passport is made of leather-like material.
Passport is burgundy red color.
The front cover bears the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian text “EUROPOS SĄJUNGA”, “LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA” and the name of the respective passport “PASAS“, e-passport symbol, all embossed in gold.


Vidiniai puslapiai

Ornaments are intaglio printed.

Latent image
Letters „LTU“ are seen when tilting passport at a certain angle.

Passport number
Passport number of eight digits increasing in size, letter-pressed in black, fluoresce green under UV light.

Micro Lettering


Data page

Duomenų lapas
Polycarbonate data page. Legend printed offset.

Laser engraving
The holder’s face image, signature and personal data are all laser engraved.

Transparent Box
The passport holder's photo is engraved in the transparent box

Rainbow printing
Security grids of three colours, two of them in rainbow print.

The chip
Biometric passports of the Republic of Lithuania contain a contactless chip that stores passport holder‘s personal data, his/her face image and fingerprint.


Tilt Effect
A design element whose image changes at a different angle.

A transparent diffractive optical element with kinematic effect (the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania, words “LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA“, “LTU“) partially covering the photo.





Positive and negative surface imprint on the data page

Special line layout 
Guilloche stripes are formed by double lines of different thickness.

Repeating micro lettering: positive "LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA", negative – "LTU".

Optically variable ink
An optically variable ink (OVI) changes colour when viewed at different angles.

Page surface
The surface of a data page has a transparent positive/negative embossing.

Ultraviolet inks
Multicolored image, glowing under UV light, on the front of the data page.


1 puslapis


From 2015 January 1 In addition, the nationality of the holder of the passport is printed on the first internal page in the passport of the Republic of Lithuania.








3 puslapis

Implementing the 2007 December 5 Commission Recommendation 2008/355 / EC on the insertion of the text of Article 20 of the EC Treaty in passports (OJ 2008 L 118, p. 30); January 4 passports of the Republic of Lithuania with the following additional information on the third page:

'Every citizen of the European Union, in a third country where his Member State is not represented, shall be entitled to protection by diplomatic or consular authorities of any other Member State under the same conditions as nationals of that State. More information is available on the European Union website








Page background – famous places of Lithuania (different on every page).

Invisible fibres fluoresce yellow, green and red under UV light.

Rainbow printing
Security grids of three colours, two of them in rainbow print. One of the colours fluoresces under UV light.

Fixed multi-shade watermark of the Vytis.

Passport number
Laser perforated passport number of eight digits with conical holes through all inside pages and the back cover.

Special line layout
Guilloche stripes are formed by double lines of different thickness.

Stitching thread
Passport is lock-stitched. The three-coloured (green, red, yellow) stitching thread fluoresces green under UV light.

See-through register
See-through register and micro lettering "LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA".

Security thread
The security thread contains inverted and direct micro lettering: "LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA", and fluoresce red, green and yellow under UV light.

Marked edge
International code of Lithuania "LTU", symbol of Gediminians.

Ultraviolet ink
One part of invisible design element fluoresces green under UV light, the other fluoresces yellow and orange.

Last updated: 12-01-2023