The new service passport is designed to comply with the EU requirements and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations. The passport contains 32 numbered pages plus a polycarbonate personal identification page with data, photo and signature engraved by laser engravers.

Passport contains texts in the Lithuanian, English and French languages.


Tarnybinis pasas

Service Passport is the Lithuanian travel document, designed for business trips abroad, confirming personal identity, the Lithuanian citizenship, position and is issued to persons who possess a valid Personal Identity Card. It is valid as long as a person is on performance of his/her duties due to which the holder is justified to have such a passport as stipulated by national legislation but its validity must not exceed five years.


The Lithuanian passport incorporate a number of security features against counterfeit and forgery.

Data about official position recorded on the inside pages.


he cover of Service Passport is made of leather-like material. The Service Passport is red. On the front cover in gold foil are printed the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania and above and below it – the Lithuanian texts "LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA" and "TARNYBINIS PASAS" are printed in gold foil.

Passport paper

High quality material was used in manufacturing of the new Lithuanian Service Passport. The covers inside pages (endpages) do not contain a watermark. The inside pages are stamped with watermark – the stylized Coat of Arms of the Republic of Lithuania is placed in the center of every inside page.

The paper is secured against manipulation with different chemicals.

Cover pages


Front and backside cover pages


Visible small red fibers fluoresce orange under UV light and invisible fibers fluoresce green under UV light.

The ornament and the rosette are intaglio printed.

Laser view
Letters „LTU“ are seen at a certain angle.

Optically variable inks
An optically variable image (OVI) changes colour when viewed at a different angles.

Passport number
Passport number of eight digits, printed in black, which fluoresce under UV light.

Micro Lettering
The repeating micro lettering: positive – "LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA", negative – "LTU".

Ultraviolet inks
The invisible "Wind rose", oval and surrounding circles fluoresce red under UV light.

Rainbow printing
The invisible "Wind rose", oval and surrounding circles fluoresce red under UV light.


Smulkesnė informacija VDTAT prie Finansų Ministerijos tinklapyje


Last updated: 21-09-2021