Features of the eID card

Measures to ensure quality of personalised data:

  • data is taken from the Population Register;
  • biometric data is scanned and imported into the Population Register at the migration offices.

Technological security measures for cards:

  • kinegram, tactile surface, UV, MLI, etc.


Security measures for card production, personalisation and other areas:

  • data is laser-engraved into polycarbonate surface;


  • centralised personalisation;
  • personalised card is handed over personally.

Contact and contactless chips.

Contactless chip contains data that is secured:

  • cannot be accessed from a distance;
  • cannot be altered: any tamper attempts are immediately detected;
  • cannot be switched (cannot be cloned);
  • fingerprints may be read by a legal certified equipment only.

Contact chip contains the following for identity verification online:

  • a certificate for identification online;
  • a qualified certificate for e-signature.
Last updated: 21-09-2021