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An identity card is a personal document of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania confirming identity and citizenship and intended for use in the Republic of Lithuania and may be used to travel to foreign countries that recognize identity cards as a travel document (list of States is published on the State Border Guard Service website www.pasienis.lt).

The purpose of an identity card, the conditions of its issuance, change, use and validity, and the data entered in it are regulated by the Law on the Identity Card and Passport of the Republic of Lithuania.

An identity card issued to a citizen residing in the Republic of Lithuania is issued and exchanged by the migration service chosen by the citizen.

A citizen from the age of 16 must have an identity card if he or she does not have a valid passport issued by the Republic of Lithuania, a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania or if he or she has not submitted documents regarding the issuance or change of an identity card or passport.

A citizen who has reached the age of 16 must submit the documents regarding the issuance of an identity card to the migration service of his / her choice no later than one month after the age of 16. Identity cards are issued to citizens under the age of 16, as well as to citizens residing in foreign countries, at their request.

Identity Card is valid from the date of issue specified therein:

  • 2 years if issued to a citizen under 5 years of age;
  • 5 years if issued to a citizen aged 5 to 16 years;
  • 10 years if issued to a citizen aged 16 to 70;
  • 30 years if issued to a citizen from the age of 70;
  • 12 months, when no citizen's fingerprints can be read temporarily.

ID card is made of polycarbonate, which is equipped with a dual-interface electronic chips. All data on the polycarbonate is laser-engraved.

ID card issued from 2021 August 2004 is in line with the 2004 December 13 Council of Europe (ET) Regulation no. Regulation (EC) No 2252/2004 laying down standards for security features and biometrics in passports and travel documents issued by Member States June 20 The provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/1157 of the European Parliament and of the Council on identity cards for Union citizens and on the security of residence documents issued to Union citizens and their family members enjoying the right of free movement and the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Mandatory form approved by the Lithuanian Minister of the Interior in 2008 July 21 No. 1V-272 of the "Republic of Lithuania Minister of the Interior in 2003 September 10 No. 1V-328 on passport and identity card forms Approval."

An eID card can be used as a travel document to go to foreign countries with whom relevant treaties or agreements have been concluded.

Biometrics in the eID card

Technological features of the ID card

You can download the Identity Card booklet here.

Last updated: 21-09-2021