ID 2003




Personal identity card (ID Card) is a document for every citizen of the Republic of Lithuania at the age of 16 who is not in possession of a Citizen’s Passport issued prior to 1 January 2003. ID card can be issued to a person who is not 16 years old yet, if necessary. ID card is can be used to travel abroad to countries with whom appropriate treaties and agreements have been concluded.

Identity Card is valid from the date of issue specified therein:

  • 2 years if issued to a citizen under 5 years of age;
  • 5 years if issued to a citizen aged 5 to 16 years;
  • 10 years if issued to a citizen aged 16 to 75;
  • 12 months, when no citizen's fingerprints can be read temporarily.

Personal Identity Card is produced by using state of the art technologies and contains advanced safeguards. Data, photo and signature are engraved in polycarbonate layer of the Identity card by using laser engravers. Personal Identity card - the document of new generation produced in accordance with the recommendation of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and requirements of the EU directives.

Personal Identity Card is provided for use instead of the current Passport of the Republic of Lithuania within the state borders of Lithuania. It is the main document confirming personal identity and citizenship. The personal identity card could be used to go abroad only if corresponding international agreements and treaties are signed between Lithuania and a country concerned.




Rainbow printing
Both sides ID card are covered with two different security grids printed in rainbow.

Special line arrangement
The „Wind rose” appearing on both sides of ID card is filled with lines of different directions and thickness. The rosette and the guilloche stripes are formed with the help of double lines differing in thickness.

Holographic stripe
Holographic stripe with repeating and changing direction text: „LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA”.

Photograph and signature
A digitized photograph and signature of the bearer are laser engraved.

Micro Lettering
The repeating micro lettering „LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA” forms separate lines and is incorporated into certain graphic design elements. Positive and negative micro lettering „LTU” is incorporated into „Wind rose”.

Ultraviolet inks
The Lithuanian coat of arms and the beams running from it to the edges are printed in rainbow with invisible inks and they fluoresce red and yellow under UV light.

A transparent diffractive optical device with kinematic effect (coat of arms of the Republic of Lithuania, words „LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA”, „LTU” and stars).

Optionally a microchip can be integrated into the card.

Ultraviolet inks
The Lithuanian contour with the „Wind rose” in the center and the beams running from it with incorporated repeating micro lettering „LIETUVOS RESPUBLIKA”, are printed in rainbow with invisible inks and they fluoresce red and yellow under UV light.

Optically variable inks
The letters „LTU” are printed with optically variable inks (changing colour from gold to green) on the left and „Wind rose” (changing colour from blue to brown) is printed on the right.

Optionally a barcode can be engraved into the card.

Last updated: 21-09-2021